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Artistic Masterpieces Of Hunan Embroidery & Ceramics

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Li Fangying, Li Shan and Luo Pin - Eight eccentric painters of Yangzhou in late Qing Dynasty
Splash Ink Painting by Eight Eccentrics of Yangzhou

Double-sided and four-paged folding embroidery screen


The blueprints are the famous paintings such as Ancient Brush Painting of Pine by Li Fangying, Lotus by Li Shan, Plum and Bamboo and Dark Grape by Luo Pin. It complies with the tones of the original paintings, with color lines in black, grey and white, using the craftsmanship of mixed-stitch Hunan embroidery. It employs the stitch as the brush, and adds colors with lines. It looks like a painting from a far view but a embroidery from a near view. It is natural, real, ancient and elegant.

HKD 350,000 - 525,000
USD 280,000 - 420,000
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HKD 408,900
USD 322,000
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