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Artistic Masterpieces Of Hunan Embroidery & Ceramics

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Lu Denghui - a senior industrial artist, Peng Juan - a young embroidery inheritor, an industrial artist
Dandelion double-sided seated embroidery screen

Double-sided seated embroidery screen

The work has a clean and elegant composition and is full of simple but elegant beauty. on the basis of traditional embroidery skills, it adopts innovation. Embroidery is carried out in five steps: "embroidery, drawing, pressing, pulling and tidying", reflecting the sense of flying dandelion. It manifests an innovation technique which is designed specially for this work, which makes the images real, natural and vivid.

HKD 87,500 - 125,000
USD 70,000 - 100,000
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HKD 102,200
USD 80,500
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