How To Buy

How can I Participate in an Auction?

There are three ways to bid at Poly Auction Hong Kong:


To bid in person, you will need to complete a buyer’s registration with our Customer Service team. This process includes filling in a registration form, providing a government-issued proof of identity, and placing an auction deposit. When the registration is completed, you can collect your paddle with a valid ID document before the auction begins.


If you cannot attend our auction in person, telephone bidding will provide you with a useful alternative. You will need to register to telephone bid with us, and a representative of Poly Auction Hong Kong will call you during the auction and bid on your behalf according to your request. To ensure the quality of our service, your conversation with our representatives will be recorded. Your understanding will be much appreciated.

To bid by telephone, simply check the “Telephone Bids” box while filling out the Absentee Bid Registration Form, and submit the form to our Customer Service at least three days before the auction date. Please clearly indicate a telephone number through which our representatives can reach you during the auction.

Written Bids

You can also submit a Written Bid and allow the auctioneer to execute it on your behalf. You will only need to let us know the highest price you are willing to accept. Your written bid will be roughly adjusted to match the bidding increment of the auctioneer. If more than one written bid indicates the same bidding price and the lot is eventually sold at that price, the written bid received earlier by our Customer Service will become the successful bid.

To place a written bid, simply check the “Written Bids” box while filling out the Absentee Bid Registration Form, and submit the form to our Customer Service at least three days before the auction date. Please clearly indicate the highest hammer price at which you are willing to bid (not including the buyer’s premium).

What are the Steps Before I can Start Bidding?

No matter which bidding method you choose, we will need you to follow through a four-step buyer’s registration process before bidding:

1. Fill in buyer’s registration form

To bid in an auction, the first step is to fill in a buyer’s registration form, which can be found in the download link below. It will also be available at our Customer Service desk outside our saleroom.


If you opt for telephone or written bids, and are not able to complete the registration in person, the link below will allow you to download an Absentee Bid Registration Form yourself. You can submit it to our Customer Service team once completed and signed.


2. Provide a valid ID

Please provide valid proofs of identity and other key information required by your appropriate category:


1. Identity document with photo issued by the government (such as resident identity card or passport), and
2. Proof of current address (if the current address is not shown on the identity document), e.g. utility bill or bank statement

Corporate Clients

1. A certificate of incorporation, and
2. Official documents listing directors and shareholders


1. Identity document of the agent, and
2. Identity document of the bidding person/company that the agent represents, and
3. Original copy of a signed authorization letter by the bidding person/company

Please note that payments from third parties (including the agent) will not be accepted. If you participate in the bidding on behalf of others, Poly Auction (Hong Kong) only accepts the payment of the Principal Bidder.

3. Place an auction deposit

You will need to place an auction deposit before collecting your paddle. Our Customer Service team will let you know the amount required in the registration process. Unsuccessful bidders who have no outstanding balance at Poly Auction (Hong Kong) will receive the deposit amount in full without interest within 14 working days after the auction. If you succeed in purchasing an item, the auction deposit shall automatically be converted into payment for the purchase price of the Lot.

4. Start bidding

Congratulations! Once the above steps are completed, you can start bidding with us.

How to Pay for My Purchase?

In addition to the Hammer Price, the Buyer agrees to pay the applicable Buyer's Premium in respect of such Hammer Price. Payment must be made within seven calendar days (including the day of sale) from the day of sale.

Buyer’s Premium Rates (Each Lot)

20% of the hammer price of each lot for all categories.

Types of Payment

Poly Auction Hong Kong accepts the following types of payment:

Telegraphic Transfer

Credit Card or UnionPay Card


Cash or Cashier Order

Please Note:

  • Please refer to the Important Notice About Payment in our catalogue for more detail
  • Please note that Poly Auction Hong Kong does not accept payment from third parties

How Do I Collect My Lot?

Once you have made your payment, you may arrange for collection or delivery of your lots.

We offer various pick-up options, including collecting in person or through your authorised agent or having them delivered by one of our approved transporters.

In the Auction Venue
For selective lots only

At the Hong Kong Office
See our office location

Through Delivery Service Providers

Please Note:

  • You will need to collect your lots within 30 days of the sale date (inclusive of the day of sale). We reserve the right to charge a monthly storage fee and its insurance.
  • If you wish to authorise any person to collect your goods in the saleroom or at our office, you need to return us an Collection Authorisation Form and and provide its related identification documents.
  • You may also authorise a delivery service provider to collect the lots from our office and deliver them to your designated location. You will be responsible for the costs and risks involved. Some lots may be subject to import and export restrictions. We are happy to offer you advice on shipping or to assist you in choosing a suitable shipping service provider.
  • Please refer to the “Important Notices About Storage Collection Shipping and Export” and related terms in “Condition of Business” for details.
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