Special Event Details

“Are you BORED or NOT?” Exhibition


22 October 2021 - 9 November 2021


11:00AM - 8:00PM

About the event

Following the explosion of Non Fungible Tokens (“NFTs”) onto the global art scene, Poly Auction Hong Kong has teamed up with The Authority to curate an exclusive collection of NFT creations by leading digital artists. The collection features brand new creations from NFT sensation Andreas Ivan as well as 11 other internationally renowned artists. They will debut through exhibitions in Hong Kong and an Online Auction hosted on Poly Auction’s app and WeChat mini programme. This is an extraordinary step for Poly Auction Hong Kong and marks a significant milestone in the growth of NFTs in Asia.

Exhibition “Are you BORED or NOT” will showcase 11 all-new NFT works of 11 internationally renowned artists, including Jonathan Jay Lee, Jasper Wong, Kongkee, Andrés Rivera, Dave Arcade, Lester Choy, Chi-Kit Kwong, JUM, Gaby Teresa, HOY, Viki Chan. Each artist’s NFT will present two counterparts – a “BORED” and a “NOT BORED” version. Both art pieces present the same subject, but are differentiated by being BORED or NOT BORED, a theme that is prevalent in the current NFT metaverse.

Art lovers may check in and take photographs at our gallery space inside Pacific Place mall. The BORED version will have 50 limited edition prints sold at the exhibition. Buyers of the prints will be placed into a lucky draw to win the 1 of 1 NFT version of their purchased artwork. All NOT BORED creations will be unique edition NFTs, open for auction from 8 to 12 November through Poly’s app and WeChat mini programme, together with 16 Smoochies created by Andreas Ivan.

About The Authority 
The Authority was established in 2021 by Mr Eliott Suen. Eliott comes from a family of art collectors and is currently a member of the Hong Kong Museum Advisory Committee. The Authority is Eliott’s latest venture, an art and culture technology incubation platform with the aim of promoting digital and blockchain art. The Authority works with artists, locations, blockchain communities, collectors and brands to deepen public knowledge towards blockchain assets, NFTs, and the future.


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