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He Duoling “The Art of Determination” Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong

He Duoling, Ai Xuan
The Third Generation
Oil on canvas, 180 × 190 cm

He Duoling 
The Stolen Child
Oil on canvas, 100 × 120 cm

He Duoling 
Oil on canvas, 200 × 150 cm

He Duoling 
Russian Forest—Bronze Age
Oil on canvas, 150 × 200 cm

He Duoling 
Wild Flowers Painted from Life No. 3-Summer
Oil on canvas, 100 × 80 cm

He Duoling 
Wild Flowers Painted from Life No. 7-5
Oil on canvas, 100 × 80 cm

Poly Gallery Hong Kong presents He Duoling’s 

The first solo exhibition in Hong Kong of He Duoling, pioneer of the Contemporary Chinese Lyrical Realist Painters, highlighting an accumulation of artistic impulse- The Series of Russian Forest & The Series of Wild Flowers.

Exhibition Period: 27 Sep (Thursday)–11 Oct 2018 (Thursday)
Opening Hours: 10:00am ‒ 6:00pm
Opening Reception: 27 Sep 2018, 3:00pm
Venue: Poly Gallery Hong Kong
Address: 7/F, One Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong
Telephone: +852 2303 9899

Dating back to the 1980s, He Duoling caused a sensation in the art world, with paintings like The Awakening Wind from Spring, Youth. Instead of being restrained by mawkish aesthetics ingrained in Scar Art, he chose to depict the collective memories from the perspective of an individual, objective bystander. In 1992, his famous painting Lost Track of Time (What the Day Owes the Night) overthrew the Perspective Law and, for the first time, adopted a new technique called “Dual Space”, enabling his art to resemble Chinese classical paintings.

Today, with new artworks unveiled, He Duoling displays a range of painting styles, with perfection in formal languages. Considered a realist artist with exceptional talents, he focuses on concepts such as existentialism in literature and its philosophic context. Indeed, his exploration of ontology has assisted him in seeking poetic expression when depicting an image, particularly influencing the youth generation. 

As a pioneer of Contemporary Chinese Lyrical Realist paintings, achievements made by He Duoling not only accelerate his artistic career, but also represent a giant leap in the Chinese art world. Faced with the discourse of Western countries, the Mainland Chinese art world, though at times overwhelmed, provides the best opportunity for people with attentive minds and strong wills—swimming against the tides. Chinese popular idioms, such as “The Lonely Way to Go”, continue to hearten He Duoling and other pioneers with immense inspiration and unsurpassed courage.

Poly Gallery Hong Kong is pleased to present an exhibition by Chengdu-based artist He Duoling from 27 Sep to 11 Oct 2018. Installed in Poly Gallery Hong Kong, “The Art of Determination” will be the artist’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong. The opening reception will be hosted at 15:00 pm, 27 Sep 2018 (Thursday). Artist He Duoling and special guest, contemporary Chinese poet Ouyang Jianghe, will also attend the event.

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