Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art

Besides traditional Ming and Qing artifacts, the Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art Department of Poly Auction Hong Kong has been actively developing its operation on archaic art and Buddhist art as well as paying special focus on traditional culture items that have long been neglected since its founding.

In the Poly’s first auction in 2012, an Imperial and Magnificent Blue and White ‘Eight Immortals’ Vase with Handles was sold at over HK$32 million, fully attesting our strength in traditional artifacts. Every year, we have set up dedicated sales for ancient artifacts, including ceramics from the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, Song and Yuan Dynasties, ancient jade and stone sculptures, all of which are rarities. In May 2015, we have held a middle season sale, The Collection of Feng Wen Tang - A Selection of Works of Buddhist Arts, resulting in outstanding auction result.

In 2016 spring auctions, we have selected a list of bronze artifacts with ample provenances from Yin Zhou Period, an archaic ritual bronze vessel, Zun, Shang Dynasty, was sold at HK$2.5 million. Besides, an archaic bronze ritual food vessel, yi, late Shang Dynasty, was sold at HK$12.5 million, setting a record of bronze artifacts dealt by Poly Auction Hong Kong. In the 2014 autumn auctions, a Rare and Important Gilt-Bronze Figure of Seated Avalokiteshvara, Mark and Period of Xuande, Ming Dynasty, the headlined piece, was sold at HK$14 million, and it is a confirmation of our efforts in Buddhist art in the past four years. Furthermore, we have set up dedicated auctions for erotic art and East Asia Dhyāna art, as well as themes on traditional culture, such as, guqins, which generated superb results.

In just four short years, the Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art Department has displayed a vibrant force and a steadfast target, as well as offered several feasts of art for collectors. As a global city, Hong Kong has provided a spacious platform that allows us to harness the vast Chinese art market and to serve a wider range of overseas collectors and buyers. Apart from making the artifact markets in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan more prosperous, we are also focusing on the preservation and study of traditional art culture, enabling Poly Auction Hong Kong to go beyond the business borders to provide a more fruitful scene of art and culture.


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