Chinese Contemporary Ink Paintings

For thousands of years, Chinese traditional ink paintings have undertaken cognitive functions, as a form of expressing emotions and observing the world for ancients in a self-sufficient environment. However, with the development of modern society and the prevalence of western contemporary art, Chinese traditional ink paintings are not as popular as before. Artists of traditional ink paintings have thus consciously made great efforts to reform and improve the industry. Zao Wou-Ki, Wu Guanzhong, Chu Teh-Chun, Lin Fengmian and other masters are prime examples.

Contemporary ink paintings are especially meaningful when taken as a supplement to traditional ink paintings. They reflect current social realities from a cultural aspect. In recent years, the Chinese art market has seen great achievements in its longitudinal development, reflected by soaring prices of art works. Nevertheless, in its horizontal development, the creativity of art works has not shown significant momentum in the market. Such an environment creates a chance for contemporary ink paintings to break through boundaries in the maturing market of traditional ink paintings and its lack of discourse power in the international art market. This also helps contemporary ink paintings participate in global art dialogues with a revamped image, carving out a new direction for the Chinese art market.

In order to further diversify its market and enrich its auction categories, Poly Auction Hong Kong established the Chinese Contemporary Ink Paintings Department in 2013. On the basis of historical development of contemporary ink paintings and the permeation of the Chinese and Asian markets, Poly Auction Hong Kong launched the annual “Contemporary Ink Painting Project”. Every year, the Chinese Contemporary Ink Paintings Department holds a series of grand auctions composing of three areas, namely Contemporary Classic Ink Paintings, New Gongbi Paintings and New Ink Paintings. We feature art works of Huang Yongyu, Fan Zeng, He Jiaying, Wang Mingming, Jia Youfu, Cui Ruzhuo, Fan Yang, Ren Zhong and other renowned Chinese painting masters like Wu Guanzhong, Zao Wou-ki, Chu Teh-chun, Liu Dan, Xu Lei, Li Jin and Li Huage. The Chinese Contemporary Ink Paintings Department strives to fulfill the demands of both the Chinese and international markets, showcase the current field of contemporary ink paintings and we aims to provide only the most professional consultation service of contemporary ink paintings, exhibitions and auctions and provide each customer with customized and comprehensive experience of contemporary ink art.


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