Fine Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy

The Fine Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy department present artworks spanning the classical, modern and contemporary periods, include various forms of works illustrated by renowned masters. During the past few years, the specialist team devoted to sourcing high-quality artworks with decent provenance worldwide, thus presenting more wholesome collections of art pieces to the appreciators.

Adhering to traditional Chinese artworks’ traditions and spirits, the department has been presenting and auctioning important private collections at auction and achieving record prices for leading artists in various categories. The landscape scroll “Fishing in the Remote” by Wang Meng in Yuan Dynasty was first preserved by the renowned collector Lu Wan in the Ming Dynasty and presented to Stephen in the late Qing Dynasty after nearly 500 years. This work was sold for HK$ 59 million in the 2018 Autumn Auctions. Recorded in “Shi Qu Bao Ji”, the landscape depicted by Royal court painter Zhang Zongcang was sold for HK$ 49.56 million in the 2017 Spring Auctions.

As for Modern Chinese Paintings, the painting “Looking up into the Mountain” embodies the incomparable skills of Fu Baoshi in culminating landscapes and was sold for HK$ 59 million in 2017 Autumn Auctions. Master Xu Beihong’s work “Running Horse”, preserved by Mr Xu Boyang, achieved HK$ 21.04 million after several rounds of fierce biddings. This painting also boasts a significant exhibition record in the British Museum.

In honour of Wu Guanzhong, Poly Auction Hong Kong had presented a collection of Wu’s significant works in 2019. These works represented the substantial achievements and appearances of Wu in different stages of his. “The Running Torrent” was drawn with joy and intertwined with a symphony of a beautiful life. The fantastic landscape by Cui Ruzhuo reached a record of HK$ 14.16 million. Until 2019, the department’s sales featuring Master Cui Ruzhuo have brought a brand-new layout towards the contemporary ink market.


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