Chinese Paintings

Established in late 2012, the Classical Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy Department of Poly Auction Hong Kong was teamed up by experts of antiques and artefacts and researchers on art history and art marketing. The main service scope of the Department includes consigning, safekeeping, showcasing and researching Chinese calligraphy and paintings of the past dynasties. In the 2013 autumn auctions, several pieces broke artists’ auction records, of which Shi Qu Bao Ji and The Ten Views of the West Lake by Dong Bangda broke the record in person ink paintings by fetching a whopping HK$30.475 million. Watching Pine Trees in She Mountain, Painted for Mu Dazhan by Lu Can features 81 inscriptions from the Qing Dynasty to the Republican years and is therefore of very high historical value which provides a wealth of historiographical evidence of the communication between the Qing scholars. We have carried out a considerable amount of research and analysis and this piece of artwork was finally sold for HK$21.275 million. In 2015 autumn auctions, Qing Dynasty hand-painted scroll by Feng Ning, A Glance of Nanjing City, garnered great attention from collectors and was sold at the price of HK$51.92 million.

Holding the global Chinese vision and providing excellent services, we appraise meticulously every piece of calligraphy and painting from the Ming and Qing dynasties. We strive to create for Chinese and overseas collectors a trustworthy platform that connects to the world to satisfy their admiration for exquisite artworks.


Telephone: +852 2303 9899
Email: ccpc@polyauction.com.hk

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